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crmtipoftheday: Tip #1014: How to target delegated administrator in apps

I love when people ask a question but then answer it themselves within couple minutes. Take, for example, Steve “RapidStart” Mordue.
Has anyone else experienced issues with attempting to use an App Designer built app with Delegated Admin Role?

Before I could even type my a non-answer stating that only someone insane would try something like that, came in the reply from Steve himself.

To paraphrase: when building an app with App Designer, targeting specific role, and wanting delegated administators to access the app, make sure to include System Administrator as one of the roles for the forms and dashboards. Otherwise delegated administrators will see neither (but “normal” users with system administrator roles will!)

Tîpp Jäår

Delegated administrators are special. They are kind of administrators but without a specific role assigned. Since you cannot assign a specific role to a delegated administrator, the role of system administrator must be assigned to the app explicitly to apply to delegated admins.

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