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crmtipoftheday: Tip #1308: Secret support in SDK

We usually don’t “tip” about SDK releases but just landed in Nuget and it is too good not to be mentioned.

By popular demand, support for not one but two new authentication types have been added:

  • Current User ID login when using Online flows with OAuth (Including constructor/connection string support). This allows you to use the current logged in user for Windows integrated authentication (SSO)
  • ClientID / Client Secret when using OAuth flows (Including constructor/connection string support). Certificate-based authentication is better but it’s been such a pain in the neck…
The other goodness is in the Solution Packager:missing now is theto be released as part of the Wave 2.

  • Support for Environment Variables (definitions and values). All we are missing now is the feature to be released as part of the Wave 2.
  • Support for Connectors. Ditto.
Note. From 9.1.x forward, new packages requires a minimum version of ADAL 3.19.x and has been tested to ADAL 5.2.

At last! If you are adding this to an existing project, please be aware that you must update ADAL as well as the CrmServiceClient. ADAL 2.x cannot be used at all and if you want to peg to a specific version, binding redirect is your best bet.

These changes will surface in the SDK Tools and PowerShell modules shortly after the release of the main Nuget packages. Stay tuned.

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