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msdynamicsworld: Directions EMEA 2019 Preview: Microsoft partners increase presence amid accelerated Dynamics 365 channel change

Editor's Note: MSDW is a media sponsor of Directions EMEA 2019.

Directions EMEA 2019 begins on October 9 and it is likely to be the organization's biggest event yet. Theorganizing team, primarily made up of partners focused on Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV and related products, is expecting 2,500 attendees in Vienna, up from about 2,250 last year.

Who is attending?

Directions EMEA typically enjoys a high rate of returning attendees, traditionally from the NAV and Business Central channel. But Torben Kragelund, who leads the event committee, believes this year's growth is coming from a few sources. Some returning partners are sending more employees to the event. Other Microsoft partners focused on Office 365 are taking an interest for the first time. And the team has noticed that accounting firms who are not yet partners have shown an interest in learning more about the Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Another growing trend, seen across the Directions events in North America, EMEA, and Asia, is the increase in multi-event attendees. The Vienna conference will see more attendees than ever before from North America, Australia, New Zealand, and other distant locales.

Microsoft will have the largest presence, as usual. They are the top-tier sponsor and are sending the most speakers. About half the conference's content is developed by Microsoft, with a focus on both partner channel topics and updates on the products and related technology.

Directions is also striking a new partnership with the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) this year. IAMCP International president Sérgio Baptista will speak at the event and the group will be hosting roundtables on a range of product and partner topics.

"We are convinced that for the Directions EMEA community the partnership with IAMCP will open up new possibilities and provide inspiration on how to innovate and grow faster," the organizing committee wrote in a statement on the alliance.

Early bird registration for Directions EMEA ends on September 17.

<h2>Areas of focus

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