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powerobjects: Experience The Cloud With PowerObjects – D365UG Summit 2018 [VIDEO]

A few weeks ago, PowerObjects enjoyed the distinct honor of being a Premier Sponsor at Dynamics Communities’ Dynamics 365 User Group Summit in Phoenix. We had a great time chatting with existing clients, meeting prospective clients, and sharing knowledge and insights with colleagues, partners, and users from all over the globe. The annual Summit always makes for an exhausting week, but it is also incredibly rewarding, and this year was no exception. In addition to sponsoring the event, running the PowerObjects booth, talking to literally thousands of people, sharing our own journey to the cloud, and handing out tons of swag, the 21 PowerObjects team members hosted several workshops, demonstrated for crowds large and small the power and potential of Microsoft Business Applications, and showcased tons of the creative ingenuity for which we’re known. Please enjoy this video recap of our week in Phoenix!

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