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Старый 20.12.2017, 09:17   #1  
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Hello fellow Axapta/Dynamics Ax/D365ers

I am looking for expressions of interest in buying the domain name and operating website as I no longer have the time or motivation to maintain the site.

On top of the site itself, the package for sale includes the following domain names:
The website is currently running on Mediawiki v1.23.1, hosted by web host That hosting could be transferred to the new owner or obviously you could move the site to your own preferred host.

The domain registrations are all currently held with, but can be transferred to any registrar you choose.

No support is included with the sale - you need to be comfortable with Mediawiki websites or at least willing to learn.

Please send me an email to if you are interested in purchasing the Axaptapedia domain and site. You can either make me an offer directly in the email, or ask to be notified if and when I put the site up on a sale site. I will put the site up for auction on a sale site if I don't receive a suitable offer directly by email. If I DO sell the site directly, I will notify everybody who has registered interest.

Thank you for your interest in this, and a huge thank you to all of the contributors to Axaptapedia over the many years that it's been running.

Kind regards

Andrew Jones
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