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kurthatlevik: D365 – A deeper look into eCommerce pricing

Microsoft launched their B2C eCommerce offering in September 2019, and have now also announced the B2B eCommerce solution. This strengthen the omnichannel capabilities in Dynamics 365 and ensures customers have a full suite solution covering most needs. Microsoft have a public available price page, that shows a simplified view of the pricing, with a reference to their licensing guide:

In the licensing guide the needed licenses are described as the following:

What differs the eCommerce offering with the other pricing of Dynamics 365, is that the pricing depends on the number of sales orders generated through the eCommerce channels. If we look at the simplified steps, there are 3 price levels, and the ability to add additional overage capacity between these levels. In the pricing guide this is illustrated line this:

This means that when you are planning your eCommerce solution, it will be priced on the number of sales orders going through the system. To illustrate, when the number of sales orders go up, the price goes up. As there are some tier levels, you get a small price change in the. The example below is only for the eCommerce without the recommendation and the “ratings and review”.

If we take the same pricing, and look at what is the cost per sales order we get the following view:

Here we see that there is a drastic fall in the beginning, illustrating that at 1000 eCommerce orders per month, the cost per sales order will be 5 USD. As we get to the 3000 sales order per month, the price per sales order falls to 1.6 USD per sales order. At 32.000 sales orders per month the cost would be 1.2 USD per sales order.

As illustrated this way, we see that at yearly volumes above 36.000 sales orders, the cost is 1.6 USD per order. For a fully integrated and hosted eCommerce solution.

The question is then, what is the alternative cost? Would this be cheaper to have a standalone solution?

Other 3’rd party eCommerce solution does have costs for licensing, hosting and transactional fees. Unless you manually enter the orders into D365, you will also have to create or pay for integrations, that you would have to maintain. And trust me… Creating a full integrated external eCommerce solution is not cheap! Also keep in mind, that you must follow the rules as specified in the licensing guide related to multiplexing and import of sales order. You cannot just plug in another solution and then think it is “free of charge”. So, the alternative is to manually key in the sales order unless you also buy licenses/SKU’s for order lines in addition. (I think it is priced around 500 USD per 100K orderliness)

My summary is that pricing of the Dynamics 365 Commerce with eCommerce B2C/B2B is OK! It scales, is ready and you can price it according to your requirement. Costs of between 1-3 USD per order seams acceptable when you compare the cost of the alternative’s costs, and also that you get a ready-to-go eCommerce that is fully integrated. It is also relevant to mention that the D365 eCommerce seams to be aimed compete against the enterprise level eCommerce solution you find in the marked with a decent volume ( >2000 orders per month) that need growth further and need a fully integrated solution that can be tailored towards their need.

(*Prices and conclusion here are based on publicly available information, and my own understanding on how they work)

If you want to learn more about eCommerce in D365, I suggest the following video’s:

Announcing B2B e-Commerce capabilities for Dynamics 365 Commerce :

Accelerate your business with Dynamics 365 Commerce :

Dynamics 365 Commerce E-Commerce Architecture Deep-dive Tech Talk :






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