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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog: Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Mashable Ecosystem to Change Customer Care Market? I think So…

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is making significant investments in our partner ecosystem and our core CRM customer care
. We provide a powerful yet flexible platform (Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its Customer Care Accelerator) to allow our partners to 'out-innovate'
the competition. The idea is to work closely with industry leading ISVs and SIs who can leverage Microsoft's core products such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SQL
to enhance their own offerings accelerating user adoption, improving time-to-market and significantly reducing TCO. Microsoft is a partnership company and we
are proud of our heritage of working together with an ecosystem of partners that each deliver differentiated value to our customers.

Partnerships with ISVs such as Ericsson, Convergys, Redknee, MetraTech and SIs such as Tech Mahindra, Alcatel Lucent, and Capgemini continue to boost the credibility
of the Microsoft platform in the communications space. Microsoft's industry partner ecosystem is expanding as ISVs and SIs choose Microsoft technologies to deliver flexible,
scalable and robust OSS/BSS and Customer Care solutions to our service provider customers. Additionally, adoption of Microsoft technology by leading industry
players serves as a proof point of growing acceptance of Microsoft platform in the communications
space.Microsoft's partner-focused Industry strategy, along with a flexible, scalable, and robust CRM Customer Care solution are now being recognized by key analysts in the
industry. Recently Microsoft Dynamics CRM was covered in a report by Mark Mortensen, Principal Analyst, for Analysys Mason who covers Customer Care
and Service Fulfillment research programs, which are part of the Telecoms Software research stream. Mark's report was titled "Microsoft
Dynamics CRM's 'mashable ecosystem' may change the telecoms customer care market.
The report highlights Microsoft Dynamics
strong momentum with telecom partners and the value of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Care solution. Most interesting part of the report was the choice of pivots
around the "Architecture Flexibility" and the "Level of Vendor Lock-In". Microsoft's flexible architecture and low degree of vendor lock-in put Microsoft
as the leader.So what does this mean for customers? It means a lot. Companies get value when they invest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM because
they not only get a complete CRM solution consisting of Customer Care, Sales Force Automation, and Marketing Automation but they also get an extended
platform that Partners can easily integrate with creating powerful solutions to meet the needs of even the most complex contact center scenarios in the
industry.I would encourage you to read the following customer story to see how they are realizing the amazing benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Digicel Group needed an integrated CRM
solution capable of helping agents respond to more than 2.5 Million calls per call center each month. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Customer Care Accelerator offered a solution that was
flexible for its business, could be quickly integrated with existing systems, and offered an accelerated learning curve for end users. Since the implementation of Microsoft
Dynamics CRM
Digicel Group
have resolved 88% of customer issues on the first call. They have also improved their customer satisfaction to 95%. Read more about the Digicel story here.

David Pennington, Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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