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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog: CRM MVPs Introduce the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Wiki

Today’s guest blogger is CRM MVP Julie Yack who talks to us about a new CRM MVP project, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Wiki on TechNet.

CRM MVPs are becoming Ninjas

Yes, seriously, ninjas. Ok, wiki-ninjas, but that’s still just as cool. Here’s the scoop…

CRM MVP George Doubinski has been hard at work reining in a group of volunteers to bring some great Microsoft Dynamics CRM resources to the TechNet wiki. Follow them on twitter, @crmwiki. Now there is official documentation and we’ve read it and used it and it’s all genuinely pretty good. What you get from us will be our own approach, our best practices, links to our favorite official sources and some humor thrown in now and again. Direct links are at the end of this post, but here is some cool content that can be found from our own CRM MVPs.

It’s also important to note that though it’s the MVPs we are talking about now, the wiki content is open for more contributions from others. Do you have something to share with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM community? Come on over.

We have a simplified implementation guide. The guide covers how to start online organization. There are decision-making points, step-by-step instructions (that of course end with the cancellation of old SFDC system) and links to more resources. Thanks to MVP Jerry Weinstock for providing this for our Wiki.

MVP Leon Tribe has done a great cross-posting with his own blog to share his thoughts and ideas on Reporting Mechanisms. This page is full of screen images, step-by-steps, and the whole deal.

The CRM Survival Guide is also continuing to shape up nicely (and I will be adding to this page my own list of community resources in the coming days).

So, now what? Well, a few things. First, go have a look-see, learn a few things. When you finish your look-see, the second to-do item comes around, join in, give us your content. Let’s make this wiki a great home for CRM resources. It is for the community, by the community. Tell us what you need to know, how we can help you and help others.

When you contribute, don’t forget the tags. Yea, I know, but think about how simple it really is to get to the time of the results on searches for CRM help, and YOU can help too. And one more thing, ping @crmwiki on twitter to let us know what you’re up to, we’ll keep updating the site and talking about it.


Julie Yack

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