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waldo: Directions ASIA

Good things ahead. Like last year, I was given the opportunity to speak for Directions ASIA again. And not “just” for a few sessions – but I have quite some hours to cover (8.5 to be specific ). More about that later. Let’s talk about the conference first.

Directions ASIA 2018

It’s the second time this conference is held by the “Directions EMEA” committee. And also this time, it’s in Bangkok, Thailand. I have been there last time, and you really can feel the enthusiasm and the positive vibe Dynamics causes – great feeling :-). So I’m definitely looking forward going back in a few weeks.

Who should Register?

It’s focused on NAV. So all people that are serious about Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365, … Technical, business, sales, … should at least consider going. And obviously, for all the companies that are from that region (Bangkok – so that also means Australia and New Zealand), this is an ideal opportunity to get informed, directly from the right people!

Why should you join?

Well, it’s almost Spring, people. And you know what that means! We are almost at the release of the next version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV – and of the world wide release of Dynamics 365 codename “Tenerife” – so I’m expecting a lot of new information regarding the product we all love – the product that pays our salary ;-).

It’s basically also what Marko said in this video:

All of the content is obviously already on the website – here is a shortcut: . So – don’t ask why .. but ask “why not”. You won’t find an answer – so … register!

How can you register?

Just browse to, scroll down and click “Register Now” – easy peasy :-).

Will I “find waldo”?

This year is going to be especially busy for me. Because I’m going to deliver quite some content during the convention. It seems that I will be busy at almost all timeslots … so it’s going to be very hard for me to follow any of the new content.

On the first day – I have a “full day” (well, from after the key note, until the end of the day) workshop, called “Getting up to speed with Visual Studio Code and Extensions 2.0“. Ok, not a full day, only a 5,5-hour workshop ;-).

Next day, I have another 3 sessions to do:
C U All There!

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