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Sumit Potbhare: Retail Inbound Case Putaway in D365| Approach to D365 for Commerce with Adv WH Mgmt
Источник: https://sumitnarayanpotbhare.wordpre...h-adv-wh-mgmt/

Hi Guys, Hope you have read my previous post where we talked about Retail Inbound palletization process in D365. In this blog, we’re going a little bit further into the warehouse and talk about what’s probably the most common flow for cases that are coming inbound, and that is the putaway process. After they get received and palletized, they need to be put up. And so we’ve got this process here that we need to show how D365 FO can fulfill it and how it accomplishes those requirements.

If you have followed my earlier blog, the next step in the process now that we have the product received and palletized is we need to put it away. So you can imagine that you’re one of the material handlers who has a mobile device terminal and they’re driving up and down the dock looking to see if there are any pallets that need to be moved. We’re looking for pallets with those orange cones on them. Once we see them, we click on the Moves button on the Mobile device. We then realize that this doesn’t have any colored placard on it, so we’re pretty sure that it’s going to be a putaway to case storage. So we’re going to click on the Putaway case LP.

And then we’re going to start driving along, looking for a hole that is big enough to put away, say, two or three different cases. And let’s say we find one. So now it’s time to actually put the case that we recently received onto the shelf. So we have to scan the license plate.

Review the location that it is telling you from where you picked this case. Click OK if you are fine with this.

Now it is asking us where are you going to put that? And I will put it in the location 01-01(07)2. It’s in case storage area.

It’s asking me to confirm. So I just need to type in the location check digit. And probably in the actual implementation you’ll use check digits that is printed on the wall as a barcode to confirm that you put it in the correct location. And now the product is up on the shelf. It’s also available for sale.

And we can see that if we go to the Warehouse Management > Work > Inbound > Closed Purchase Work, all the work associated with PO 001571, which only had this one item, is completed. And it shows you where the product was put away and that the status is now closed.

So I hope you got a better understanding on how the products are routed to Case putaway just after it is palletized in the Inbound side of the Retail Warehouse before you implement the D365 FO Warehouse management module for the Retail Inbound processes.

In the next blog, we’re going to look at how the products are received and directed to the Quality control area.

Feel free to reach out for any clarifications. If you like my blog posts then comment and subscribe to the blogs.

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Disclaimer: The information in the weblog is provided “AS IS”; with no warranties, and confers no rights. All blog entries and editorial comments are the opinions of the author.

Credits: Microsoft Learn, Microsoft Docs

Источник: https://sumitnarayanpotbhare.wordpre...h-adv-wh-mgmt/
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