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d365technext: Upgrade Environment using LCS D365

Upgrade Environment using LCS D365.

You can upgrade your 2-Tier environment to latest build using LCS.

Step-1 Navigate to your required Environment and click on maintain.
Step-2 Now click on upgrade a popup window will appear.

Step-3 Popup window contains 3 fields to be filled.

  1. Target Environment
  2. Preferred downtime start date
  3. Preferred downtime start time
Select the Build release on which you want to upgrade your environment and provide downtime as per your feasibility then click next.

Following is the filled screen shot for your reference.

Step-4 Select application version from the new window and click next.

Step-5 Now select the database type form the next window.

Three types are available
  1. None
  2. Demo
  3. Public sector data

Step-6 select custom package if you want to deploy with this upgrade.

Step-7 Enter the email address of the persons those will notified on every action on the environment.

Step-8 select environment administrator. Only users will appear in the drop-down those have administrator rights on Project and LCS.

Step-9 verify the summary

Step-10 Now enter your Account name in the text box and click save.

Service will submit to Microsoft and they will start working on the given time window.

Please feel free to contact me if you are facing any issue during implementation of this blog.

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