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powerobjects: Solution Export Error – A Known Issue

There was a time before solutions existed within Dynamics 365, a simpler time, no woes relating to exporting and importing customizations. You just took the whole lot or nothing at all; those were your only options. Since it was introduced in CRM 2011, solution management has evolved enormously and now provides a rich tool set for managing packages between environments. Anyone who has worked with solutions, however, will have undoubtedly ran into a few warning messages, or even errors when importing a solution.

In this blog, we’re going to tackle a specific issue with exporting a solution – let’s dig into it in detail.

The Error

You may have carefully crafted a Dynamics 365 solution, verified all of the dependencies, and you’re ready to export the solution. Unfortunately, upon export you are eagerly awaiting a zip file to be downloaded, only to be prompted with the following error.

“Query Builder Error – The specified field does not exist in Microsoft Dynamics 365” and no log file available for further information. Oh no!

The Cause

This is a known issue with the current release of Dynamics 365 and occurs under the following circumstances:
  1. Create a solution
  2. Add Existing entity -> Select an entity, Next and finish
  3. Create a rollup field
  4. Save the field but don’t publish
  5. Remove the field and publish
  6. Try to export the solution and you will get the above error.
We’ve also seen this occur in a number of different variations of the above sequence as well.

The Resolution

The key to resolving this issue, is finding out the identifier of the problematic roll-up field. If you know the culprit field, this isn’t too difficult – if you don’t, it can get a bit tricky as the error message shown above gives you no indication to either the name or the identifier of the field.

Thankfully, for on-premises installations, you can turn on logging, review the log files and if both the name of the attribute and ID of the attribute is logged. For online customers, a support ticket will yield the offending attribute.

With this information, a simple console application will do the trick to remove the attribute, something along the following lines.

IOrganizationService service = // create a connection to your Dynamics 365 instance

RemoveSolutionComponentRequest removeRequest = new


// this is the Guid you have found within your Dynamics 365 trace files

ComponentId = new

ComponentType = 2,

// This is the unique name, not the display name of the solution you are trying to export

SolutionUniqueName = “UniqueName”



Once executed, try exporting the solution again, and voila! You should feel the joy of receiving your carefully crafted solution export zip file.

For troubleshooting tips – check out our blog!

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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