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palleagermark: Monthly curated list of AX development news from the community - 2016 12

Here is the shortlist of what I think is the most important developer community news from this month.

X++, the catch
Create a new language in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations
How to solve AX Data Refresh with Powershell?
Find assembly for a given type – in AX 7
Testing AX7 OData services with Fiddler
Extensible control – HTML/JavaScript
Extensible control – X++ classes
How To: Extending report menu items

This is a list I try to keep as short as possible, making it manageable for most people to look through the articles on the list. If your article is not on the list, I may have overlooked it (hope not) or it fell for the prioritization of making this list short. I have a lot more ongoing links on my Twitter profile and my Flipboard magazine.

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