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powerobjects: Setting Up Surveys with Voice of the Customer

Setting up surveys with Voice of the Customer allows users to quickly collect feedback from their customers to better understand how they are being serviced. Building and distributing surveys not only helps with customer service feedback, but can also be helpful in planning upcoming sales activities and targeted marketing. In today’s blog, we’ll walk you through getting started with Voice of the Customer and setting up a survey.

Getting Started

Voice of the Customer is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics CRM Online 2016 (update and later). The solution can be installed from the Dynamics 365 Administration Center as shown in the image below.

Once installed, the Voice of the Customer solution has been added to the Solutions and the Voice of the Customer area is added to the navigation:

Planning and Building a Survey

Now that you have Voice of the Customer installed, you can plan and build your surveys. To maximize the effectiveness, be sure you have a clear understanding of what you want to capture from the customer and how the collected data will be actionable for your organization. You will also want to make sure the surveys are short and focused. Surveys will only be effective if they are designed well and have a clear goal.

Building the Survey

Start out by creating a theme for your survey by navigating to the Voice of the Customer tile and select Themes. This is where you can add branding or use CSS to additional formatting:

For this example, we will use the default theme. Now we are ready to create a survey!

Creating a Survey Record:

  1. Navigate to the Voice of the Customer tile and select Surveys.
  2. Create a new survey by clicking +New.
  3. Complete all required values and save the record:
  • This is where you can also select your theme and upload a logo from the Survey Runtime section.

Now we can add questions to the survey:

1. From your saved survey record, select Designer from the drop-down option:

The survey designer is broken into three sections:

  • Survey Page Layout: The left section is used to layout your pages for the survey. Three pages are required for the welcome, questions, and completion pages.
  • Page Editor: The middle section allows users to add survey components and edit the selected forms.
  • Survey Parts: The right section allows users to add survey sections to the pages. You can drag and drop sections from the right section into the page editor.

Now that you are finished designing the survey, you can select the Preview button from the tool bar to test the survey and verify that it is being rendered as designed.

Remember to save your survey record and you are finished! Now, your survey is ready to be distributed and sent to customers.

As always, happy D365’Ing!

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