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powerobjects: The ABCs of Effective Communication with Microsoft Solutions

It’s an elementary principle that to thrive in business you must evolve and adapt as technology and customer expectations evolve. Digital transformation is a key focus for companies as they start to address pain points across business processes.

Earlier this year, PowerObjects released the Digital Transformation Using Dynamics 365, Office 365, and other Microsoft Solutions eBook to help organizations navigate the basic ins-and-outs of a successful transformation. Many organizations already utilize Office 365 tools but how can they further leverage these tools to effectively communicate with prospects and customers?

It’s as easy as A, B, C…

Audience Acknowledgement

The first step is understanding your audience – who are your vital assets and how do they interact with your organization?

Customers and prospects alike want to be acknowledged and appreciated. With a solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365, your organization can create and automate campaigns to communicate special events, or new services through channels your audience best receives information, whether it is email, text messages or newsletters. Eliminating manual business processes allows your team to spend time focusing more on efficiently managing the customer experience.

Business Balance

As organizations across all industries continue to grow and evolve, balancing interactions, deadlines and communication channels can be a timely (aka costly) and cumbersome process. Dynamics 365 offers business process flows and native integrations with Outlook and Social Engagement to enable your teams to track and balance everything from early prospect social interactions to customer emails and appointments.

For example, Microsoft’s Social Engagement analyzes interactions with your organization’s social media channels and presents insights into the types of engagement your audience is having. These insights can then live as reports on system dashboards within Dynamics 365.

Another great feature of Dynamics 365 is the ability to create Follow Up Tasks to balance your employees’ time, but additionally, the tasks can two-way sync with a user’s devices so they are sure to complete specific tasks.

Comprehend Connections

One key to successful interactions with your audience is to have full visibility into previous communications and information, eliminating the need for your contact to have to repeat the same information numerous times. Having a 360-degree view of any contact at any time ensures conversations, activities or relevant information are noted, regardless of who at the organization had the interaction. Dynamics 365 provides a single platform to house relevant information while providing visibility across the organization.

Dynamics 365 is also a great tool to store files the customer may share, and it integrates with OneNote so you’re able to take notes and organize within the OneNote notebook, which automatically syncs back.

Leveraging solutions from the Microsoft stack will enable your organization to communicate efficiently and effectively with your customers and prospects, and be the springboard for your digital transformation journey!

For more information, be sure to check out the digital transformation eBook and watch for more digital transformation blogs coming soon!

Happy D365’ing!

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