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Hello –

Thank you for your interest in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition! The link below will direct you to the tutorial that provides you with the steps necessary to sign-up for the 18 month Partner trial, deploy a Microsoft Dynamics topology, and add users to your online tenant to gain experiences with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. NOTE: this offer is NOT to be used for Go-Live or Production use.



 Global Administrator of the O365 tenant MUST be the person who executes signing up for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations offer below.
 Use an In-Private or Incognito browser to ensure you are signed in correctly with the O365 credentials.

Once you have the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition offer tied to your O365 tenant to deploy an instance to Azure, you must have a Microsoft Azure subscription. You will also be able to download a local VHD (virtual hard drive). The ability to deploy/download the Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition is found in the Lifecycle Services project that will be created for you when you complete the sign-up process.

The organization global administrator should click on the link below to obtain the trial offer. This trial offer code will expire in 18 months. Please keep this communication as you can extend the offer code by clicking on the link below and choosing to Sign-In:


Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of environments will I have access to?
 You will have access to a Demo and Dev/Test topology. Neither of these topologies are supported for Production Use activities. If an organization is looking to go live on the solution Licenses must be purchased either via an Enterprise Agreement or through a Cloud Solutions Provider.
 You will also have access to create an On-premises LCS project which will allow to you deploy a sandbox environment.
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