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Dynamics AX: In the spot light: Dianne Siebold's WebLog
Источник: http://dynamics-ax.blogspot.com/2008...ds-weblog.html
I wanted to kick off a new type of post, 'In the spot light'. Where I take different blogs, sites, resources, books, solutions, etc. and highlight that given source.

I have done this in the past, but never under a single type of approach. To kick this off, I wanted ti highlight a blog I have never highlighted before. That is the blog or weblog as she still calls it of Dianne Siebold.

This weblog, has a great amount of information and resources on it. She does a good job of covering some interesting topics, and some of her heaviest area's of coverage is AIF, or Application Integration Framework. This came out in DAX 4.0, and has gotten a much needed face lift and tummy tuck in DAX 2009.

You can reach her blog here: Dianne Siebold's WebLog I highly recommend added this as a resource you check on and read.

Thanks Dianne for taking the time to put your weblog together and for your great contributions to the community! Check back soon!

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Источник: http://dynamics-ax.blogspot.com/2008...ds-weblog.html
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