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Can someone list for me the advantages of the 365th version. But I don’t understand why everyone is switching to it, as for me the 2012 version is not bad either.
It is easy to find "the advantages"
Like this
  1. Reduced costs
  2. Better Access
  3. Greater Flexibility
  4. Simpler to keep up to date
  5. Built in Analytics
But I could contradict each point made above.

It seems to me a quite small fraction of existing AX2012 customer base will get that high and switch to D365FO. It does not mean D365FO is that bad. It is just too expensive for an existing AX2012 client who already paid for licenses and for customisations. And it is interesting to where that AX segment will go when MS will push them even more.

Any statistics how many upgraded and how many companies on D365FO worldwide are well hidden.
At the same time for some people it goes a quite well and they are built a good career on D365FO projects.

I would advise you to visit AXUG forum that is not yet made such toxic by me

Has anyone already made the shift from 2012 R3 to D365?

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