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По транзакциям и интеграции есть вот это:

Dynamics 365 for Operations Order Lines SKU
Price: $500/tenant/month (includes: 100K Order Lines/month)

Price: $500/tenant/month (includes 100K Order Lines/month).
For designated Order Line types, per user licensing no longer required if Order Lines SKU is used.
For indirect access only – direct access requires user licensing.
Order Line limits are enforced annually: 100K Order Lines x 12 months = 1.2M Order Lines can be consumed at any point in the year. Annual license required.
Will not be blocked if Order Line limit is reached, will receive warnings and have opportunity to ‘true-up’ on anniversary.
Creation of new Order Lines and Order Line updates will be counted, deletions will not count against total.
Opt-in model: by purchasing Order Lines SKU, customers opt in to Order Line tracking. All creations of designated Order Line types through OData and DIXF will be tracked.
New and existing customers can choose to opt in by purchasing Order Lines SKU or opt out by not purchasing it. Once a customer opts in, all creation and updates to designated Order Line types through OData and DIXF will be counted.
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